We just received word earlier today, that Hyunsung has passed away.

Hyunsung did a guest spot with us nearly 2 years ago. He traveled from Seoul, South Korea to work at Sunken Ship for a couple of months. During the time that he was with us, we all shared so much with him. He became not only one of our closest friends, but we all considered him to be a part of our “family”. Hyunsung was a master at Japanese tattooing. The things Hyunsung could do with a tattoo machine were just genius – pure genius. His artwork was flawless to say the least.

We all wish that we could have spent more time with Hyunsung and wish that he were here with us today – tattooing, and sharing a great laugh. All of us at Sunken Ship send our condolences out to his family and friends.

We are all gonna miss you brother – we love you!

If you were tattooed by Hyunsung while he was tattooing at Sunken Ship, then please send us any pictures that you may have of the tattoos, or that you may have of him tattooing you.